Test Equipment

We produce sophisticated test equipment including the following:

• Dynamic testers

• Leak testers

• Pressure gain

• Pressure decay

• Center Tube collapse testers

• Bubble point testers

• Hydro-burst test stands

• Tensile testers


Six station Dynamic Tester individually controlled by a touch screen panel Dynamic Tester for Spin on oil filters Impulse tester Dynamic Testers

These world-class machines are offered in single- to six-chamber configurations to meet your demands. Each chamber dynamic tests two filters at once, so the six-station model tests twelve filters at once. Each station is individually controlled by a touchscreen panel, so the technician can test many different filter sizes, frequencies and pressures at the same time.

• Produces optimal square waveforms

• Test frequencies range from 0.5 to 4 Hz

• Can perform base and residual tests

 (ex. 0-1000 or 500-100 psi)

• Change over chambers individually while the others are running

• Machine reacts quickly to leaks and automatically stops testing in that chamber

• Burst test capability



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