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Cybersmith® Engineering Inc. provides high value automated machinery, machine tooling, engineering services, and components.

In House Design and Fabrication

Whatever your application, we have the automation expertise to design a machine to meet your needs

Industries Served


Many premier oil filter manufacturers use our equipment for both roll-form and cut tapping their filter baffle plates.  We design and produce robust 4-spindle tappers with a production emphasis on repeatable squareness and concentricity.

Test Equipment

We have manufactured a variety of Testing equipment; destructive center tube collapse and bubble testers, dynamic leak testers, pressure gain type carousel testers, fatigue testers and more.


Cybersmith® Engineering developed the first servo-controlled machines of this type in 1996. These popular machines have heavy duty servo-operated first and second operation rollers and a servo-powered infeed unit.


We have extensive expertise in many welding disciplines. We produce high value production equipment and will work closely with you to design and build the best automation solution for your investment capital.

Machine Tooling

From tungsten copper welding electrodes to Hardened D2 seamer chucks, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to produce precision, long lasting parts. We also offer advanced metrology reports of the parts we manufacture.

Whether you need a simple stand-alone machine or an entire multi-operation assembly line, Cybersmith® Engineering Inc. is your one-stop solution.


Since 1984, Cybersmith® has been solving problems for our customers by designing and building innovative equipment that is easy to changeover, easy to maintain, operator friendly, and capable of producing millions of high-quality parts year after year.


Give us a call or send us an email, and get started with your automation project today!

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