Specialized Equipment For Manufacturing

Cybersmith® Engineering has successfully designed and built production equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our machines are producing product "around the clock" in locations across the United States and in several other countries. So, even if you have never heard of Cybersmith® Engineering, you are probably familiar with the products made by our equipment.

Since 1984 we have been solving problems for our customers by designing and building innovative equipment that is easy to changeover, easy to maintain, operator friendly, and capable of producing millions of high quality parts, year after year. Get Cybersmith® involved in the solution to one of your manufacturing problems. We will work closely with you to engineer the best solution and provide the highest value for your investment capital.

Custom Built Machines

Below is a partial list of machines we have built for various purposes. Click on any machine for pictures and a description of it's function. This is only a portion of our machines available for viewing. Visit our machines section for a  more complete listing.

10 Gun
Spin Welder
Spot Welder
Collar Welder
8 Gun Welder
Weld Lathes
Drawer Welder
Projection Welder
Drive Press
Tool Box Drawer Former
Filter Flanger
Filter Clip Machine
Oil Filter Seamer
Filter Body Flanger
Acute Former
Impulse Tester
Leak Tester
Cover Saw
Frame Saw
Retainer Coater
Box Flipper
Baffle Plate Tapper
Valve Etcher
Screen Table
Frame Clamp
Four Spindle Tapper
Hot Melt Applicator
Crossbar Drilling Machine
These are just a few of our custom built machines. Click on an image for an enlarged view and description.
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